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-Sugar Flowers

Two tier fruit and chocolate cake with acrylic dividers and cake toppers

Three tier part stacked fruit and sponge cake with pearlised beading. Sugar sprays of roses and lisianthus

Three tier stacked fruit and sponge cake. Cake toppers designed for a caribbean wedding

Three tier part stacked fruit and sponge cake with tall acrylic divider. Sugar arum lilies and wedding penguins

Three tier stacked fruit and lemon cake with sugar roses and cake toppers

Two tier fruit cake displayed on a C-stand decorated with sugar sunflowers,roses and freesias. Winding sugar ivy to stand.

Three tier stacked chocolate cake with ivy and sugar roses

Two tier stacked chocolate cake with sugar hibiscus. Tropical cake toppers and palm trees

Three tier stacked sponge cake with bike tracks and themed cake toppers

Three tier fruit cake with solid dividers, sugar roses, ivy and candles

Two tier chocolate cake displayed on a step back stand. Cake toppers depicting the proposal

Cake topper designed for a wedding in The British Virgin Islands

RAF groom and bride

Cutie caricature couple

Cutie couple in a bed of roses

What a proud couple!

The King lives!

Cake toppers designed for a Sri Lankan wedding

Biking enthusiasts get married too!

Sugar roses and ribbon loops

Sugar lilies and roses

Sugar roses and eucalyptus

Sugar rose spray

Sugar orchids and freesias

Sugar roses, freesias, lily-of-the-valley and ivy with knife spray

Sugar roses, freesias and sunflowers

Shaded pink roses, freesias, lily-of-the-valley and varigated ivy

Lilies and freesias

Sugar lilies, daisies and carnations

Sugar roses, lily-of-the-valley, freesia and varigated ivy

Three tier fruit and chocolate cake displayed on a step back stand. Sugar flower sprays of cala lilies,roses and eucalyptus

Three tiered fruit, chocolate and sponge cake displayed on an offset stand. Sugar flower sprays of roses and lilies

Three tier fruit and lemon cake displayed on an S-stand with sugar rose sprays. Cake toppers add a quirky touch

Three tier stacked fruit, chocolate and sponge cake with sugar roses, freesias and lily-of-the-valley

Three tier part stacked fruit and sponge cake with sugar roses and cornflowers

Three tier fruit with acrylic dividers. Sugar sprays of roses, freesias and lily-of-the valley

Three tier fruit cake with solid dividers,ivy and candles

Three tier fruit cake with acrylic dividers. Sugar sprays of roses, lily-of-the-valley and freesias

Two tier stacked fruit cake with cascading sugar roses

Two tier fruit cake with sugar roses and pillars

21st sponge cake

Ruby wedding anniversary cake with cutout lace work and fresh flower

Fruit cake with sleeping sisters

Sponge cake with sugar roses and candles

Double height chocolate christening cake

Chocolate and fruit cake with teddy, overlaid icing and lace work

First Holy Communion sponge cake with lilies

Sponge cake with lilies and freesias

Sugar orchids and freesias on lace work cake.

Two fat ladies....88!

Steam engine

Body beautiful!

Dancing queen

Creepy crawlie party cake

Ultimate relaxation

Designed for a tree surgeon!

Pirate galleon

Euro 2004

its magic!

Now where is it!

Frustrated golfer

Flowerpot and sugar flowers

Over indulged party animal!

Corporate cake for Rapiergroup

Corporate cake for Honeywell

Corporate cake for Build-a-Bear.

Modern bride and groom.

Cala lilies, roses and eucalyptus leaves.

Phalaenopsis orchids with folded aspodistra leaves and bear grass.

Three tier fruit, sponge and chocolate cake with pearlised dots. Sugar flower sprays of cala lilies, roses and eucalyptus leaves.

Three tier dark, milk and white chocolate cake with sugar roses.

Two tier fruit cake with sugar phaleanopsis orchids.

Individual fondant covered sponges displayed on an acrylic tower finished with cake topper

Three tier fruit with ivy and candles

Hippy era!


Sugarpaste mask with feather detail

Perhaps the ultimate in romance, a wedding in Venice. Designed for the Squires Kitchen Exhibition

Bride, groom and gondolier

Motorbike mad!

Baby booties and bib christening cake

Happy birthday Grandad!

This Elvis loves to snowboard!

When the bride said no to the groom's request to marry in his Elvis costume we decided to have fun with the cake instead!

Sugar roses, freesias and ivy

How many children want to be a firefighter when they grow up!

One for the budding thesbian

Ship's wheel and anchors for a sailor

Bold and beautiful sugar sunflowers

Tightly packed sugar roses and crystal beads

Delicate lace and filigree work beautifully compliment these simple arum lilies. Designed for Squires Kitchen Exhibition

Hand tied bouquet of sugar arum lilies

Cake toppers made from cold porcelain for a wedding in the Ice Palace in Scandinavia

Delicate lace and filigree work with fresh roses and and cld porcelain cake toppers

3 tier sponge with scattered sugar roses and petals

Cake toppers made for a couple who met in the Far East and were honeymooning in Vietnam

Motorbiking bride and groom made from cold porcelain

Bride with Scottish groom

Individual fondant covered sponges in pinks and purples with personalised cake toppers

3 tier part stacked chocolate cake with dark chocolate cigarrillos and red roses, using acrylic discs and separators

A wacky naming ceremony cake for an over the top party!

3 tier chocolate and sponge with delicate long silver stemmed sugar roses

3 tier fruit stack of suitcases with bride and groom relaxing on their romantic getaway honeymoon.

Skiing to the hot tub!

Lifting off into married life, a couple looking forward to their hot air balloon safari honeymoon!

Up up and away in their beautiful balloon!

3 tier fruit and sponge cake with sugar rose sprays displayed on cascade stand. This cake was designed for the winner of a competition in Wedding Cakes a Design Source magazine.

Dark red sugar roses with diamonte to centres, wrapped in organza with ivy.

3 tier fruit and sponge cakes with silk roses

Stacked 3 tier chocolate cake with shards of white, milk and dark chocolate decorated with silk roses and ivy

Cupcakes with sugar cala lilies and top cake

Arum lilies with beargrass and pearls

3 tier chocolate cake with cream and cherry filling covered in rich dark chocolate ganache. Scattered ivory sugar roses and personalised bride and groom

Personalised bride and groom

Individual cupcakes with single arum lily to each. Top fruit cake with lily spray

Arum lily spray

Single tier fruit with sugar roses, freesias and lily-of-the-valley

3 tier chocolate, sponge and fruit cakes with sugar cymbidium orchids displayed on an off-set stand

This goalkeeper caught a bride rather than the ball!

Dusky pink sugar roses with silver leaves and wires

3 tier fruit with sugar cymbidium orchids,foliage and butterflies

Pink cymbidium orchids, mixed foliage and butterflies

80th birthday cake with delicate flowers

Red haired bride and groom

Diamond wedding cake for a couple who married as the war ended. Sparkling sugar flowers and diamonte with RAF wings

Sugar roses and diamonte with glitter dust

A safe "birdie"?!

Isn't this just the ultimate in relaxation?!

Sugar orchid spray with diamonte

Tightly packed sugar roses

Naming ceremony cake with baby footprints, hearts and daisies

Corporate cake for BP

The Adelphi building, London

Sleeping beauty

A variety of interests were depicted around this octogeneriens cakeble.

This brother and sister were christened together

3 tier fruit cake with silk roses and scattered petals

Petal shaped fruit cake with sugar roses and stecilled side pattern

pink roses and gypsophilia

3 tier chocolate and fruit cake displayed on an off-set stand. Flower sprays of sugar roses, lisianthus and foliage.

Flamboyant pink cake with cake toppers and feathers designed for a civil partnership

Individual cake toppers with feather detail

Fun & funky cake with toppers

A Barmitzvah cake

A cake for the mercedes paint shop boys!

3 tier fruit displayed on an offset stand. Posies of sugar roses match the flowers carried by the bride topper

Large bride and groom relaxing on the top tier

A singing, piano playing teenagers Bar Mitzvah cake

Sugar Iris and filler flowers for Iris' 90th birthday

A happy birthday teddy

3 tier chocolate cake with masses of tightly packed sugar roses and crystals, topped with beargrass. Designed for Squires Kitchen 19th Annual Exhibition

Strikingly simple 3 tier cake with stunning sunflowers and natural raffia. Designed for Squires Kitchen 19th Exhibition

3 tier cake designed for Squires Kitchen Exhibition 2006. Pretty modern cake with floating glitter hearts and personalised bride and groom

Designed for Squires Kitchen Exhibition 2006. 4 tier cake covered in lustred filigree with large moth orchid and feather spray.

Designed for Squires Kitchen Exhibition 2006. 3 tier part stacked cake with silk effect drape and sugar roses.

Personalised toppers. Bride with glitter bodice, tiara and jewellery

Sugar rose, fern and glass bead spray

Sugar moth orchids, feathers and wired pearls

Detail of bright coloured individual fondant fancies displayed on an 8 tier acrylic tower with cake toppers

contemporary toppers for a fairy cake tower

A ferrari mad guy and his fiance celebrate their engagement

"wonky" sponge & chocolate cake with wired sugar dragee spray

3 tier fruit cake with sugar roses, freesias and ivy displayed on a chrome stand

A sugar yacht sailing atop a marine themed fruit cake made for two keen sailors

3 tier fruit cake displayed on a straight back stand. Loose sprays of sugar roses, freesias,lily-of-the-valley, forget-me-nots, veronica and eucalyptus

Loose spray of country flowers with forget-me-nots and lily-of-the-valley giving a light airy feel.

Fun cake for childs makeover party. Chocolate make-up bag with individual fairycakes decorated with glossy lips and pedicured feet

detail of bag, lips and feet

Bright coloured fondant covered fairy cakes for a 13th party, displayed on a wire fairycake stand

Cake toppers for a civil partnership

Individual decorated chocolate pots filled with chocolate or vanilla cake displayed on acrylic stand with larger fruit filled top cake. Finished with scattered silk butterflies

1 & 8 vanilla sponge cakes. Candlestick decorated with sugar roses, gerbera, lily-of-the-valley, forget-me-nots and foliage

Sugar gerbera, roses, daisies, lily-of-the-valley & forget-me-nots

Three tier fruit & sponge cake with moth orchids, roses, freesias, lily-of-the-valley and foliage

Sugar moth orchid, roses, lily-of-the-valley, freesias, ivy and beargrass

Three tier chocolate & sponge cake with flower filled separators. Funky bride & groom beneath small gazebo as during their proposal!

Funky bride & groom add a fun finishing touch to personalise the cake

Ivory & gold frangipini cover the cake separator

Individual lemon cakes decorated with hearts, flowers & feathers displayed on an acrylic tower to celebrate a civil ceremony

Three tier part stacked chocolate cake with masses of tightly packed sugar rosebuds. Top tier has personalised cake toppers with sparkling crystals and beargrass

Bride & groom surrounded by lavender coloured roses with wired crystal detail

Tower of lemon and vanilla fairy cakes in a variety of pinks with rosebud and blossom tops. Stand decorated with trailing ivy and silk roses

Two tier chocolate & lemon cake suitcases on a sea/beach covered board. The bride & gromm sit amongst their luggage waiting to jet off on honeymoon!

This couple wanted their 2 pet rabbits to be part of their big day too!

Three tier part stacked fruit & sponge cake. The bride & groom sit looking pretty whilst their three daughters behave as bridesmaids do!

This bride married in a stunning red dress surrounded by all her family!

Tower of individual lemon & carrot cakes each with a sugar rosebud.

Ivory sugar roses with dusky pink edges

Four tier sponge cake made for a Total family fun day at a safari park

Detail of some of the safari park animals

Who remembers that feeling that the bed isn't big enough for three!

Individual fondat fancies in shades of blue and lilac

Cake toppers standing at the top of an acrylic tower of individual fondant sponges

Oval three tier fruit and sponge cake with upstanding lace edges and gold filigree work. Finished with stems of sugar singapore orchids tied with gold ribbon

White sugar singapore orchids

Large fondant covered muffins with pink sugar rosebuds displayed on an acrylic tower

A single sugar rosebud is a pretty but simple decoration.

Seated bride & groom ready to place on the cake

A large sugar horse pulling a chocolate cinderella style coach. The cake was designed for a lavish 40th birthday celebration and was displayed on a 24" round board.

Tower of chocolate fondant covered fairy cakes with glittery 2-tone silver flowers. Topped with a wired spray of hearts, flowers & initials

Detail of fairy cakes with reversed 2-tone silver glittery flowers

Cake depicting the interests of a new teenager, her swimming, clarinet, fashion & shopping.

Cerise pink sugar roses and silk ivy

Fairy princess castle for a little girls dream party cake.

A Little Miss Birthday cake for Niamh.

Cute modern bride & groom in informal outfits

Bride wearing a little bolero jacket and tiara

Bright and cheerful cake toppers with sunflowers

3 Tier chocolate cake with scattered pink roses and cake toppers

2 Teachers in their wedding outfits with gowns & mortar boards

Very individual Troll cake toppers!

Detail of teddy & flowers on cute christening cake

A chocolate jumbo jet taking to the skies

A cake designed for a competition entitled "Someone Special".

Fairy cakes in black & white with silver detail displayed on a striking black acrylic stand

Black, white and silver fairy cakes on a black acrylic tower with wired top spray for a 21st birthday

Loving bride & cheeky groom!

Imposing castle complete with watery moat

Cute bride and groom

3 tier chocolate, lemon and fruit cake. Snow boarding pilot and his skiing bride ontop of their honeymoon cases.

Pretty winter bride wearing a fur trimmed cloak over her sparkly dress as she skis along

Snowboarding pilot with his honeymoon champagne!

2 tier fruit cake with a timeless elegant design of sugar roses and silk ivy.

Simple but cute, a snowman wrapped up for warm for christmas

Big yellow digger tractor

Individual sponge cakes with silver ribbon and sugar rosebuds displayed on acrylic stand

2 tier chocolate & fruit cake with quilting effect decoration. Silk flower bouquet

A cake for a golf mad florist!

2 Tier cake with white chocolate cigarillo's and romantic cake toppers. Details can be seen in the topper gallery

Down on bended knee this cute groom offers his bride a flower

A serene bride!

4 tier claret coloured cake with lilies

Sugar lilies & beargrass

3 Tier fruit & sponge cake with sugar phalaenopsis orchids

3 tier cake with silk rose separators and diamonte studding

Strong dark red sugar gerberas

3 Tier chocolate cake with vibrant sugar gerberas displayed on an S-shaped chrome stand. A traditional cake with a comtemporary feel

Bride and groom toppers complete with their 3 bridesmaids.

Detail of bride and groom

3 tier fruit cake with sugar flower & feather separators. A spray of sugar roses, feathers & wired beads finishes a very pretty, romantic cake

Three tier fruit, chocolate & lemon cake with soft pink peonies & foliage. A lovely informal cake for a rural, barn wedding reception

Individual chocolate and carrot cakes with sugar peonies. Topped with a chocolate cutting cake

Sugar peonies and leaves

Modern star cake for an 18th birthday with named glittery star spray

Why not to ski whilst listening to your i-pod and checking your blackberry!

Simlpe cake with spring flowers and candles for a 90th birthday

A bright and colourful bouncy castle

A fruit cake for a chess champ!

The ultimate girlie cake!

The ultimate shopaholic surrounded by designer labels

A pretty 18 year old with her hair straighteners!

3 Tier fruit, chocolate & sponge cakes. Sugar roses, sweetpeas & freesias with co-ordinating sugar butterflies.

Sugar roses, sweetpeas and freesias with eucalyptus and sugar butterfly

3 Tier wonky, stacked fruit, sponge & chocolate cake with cake toppers. Designed for winners of a Wedding Cakes a Design Source competition.

Not all brides wear white as this lovely bride in green shows!

Top tier from a cake for yachting enthusiasts!

Toppers wearing romantic red!

3 Tier part stacked fruit cake with large toppers adding a modern touch to a traditional cake

Large seated bride & groom

4 Tier fruit, chocolate, lemon & vanilla cake designed to compliment a beautiful english country garden wedding.

Large seated bride & groom made from modelling clay

Sugar roses, freesias & lily-of-the-valley.

Detail of the abundance of flowers on a country garden cake

Sugar roses, dendrobium orchids and delphiniums. Siver beargrass with iridescent bead detail.

A cabin crew bride sliding down to her waiting pilot groom and plane!

A pilot groom sliding down to meet his cabin crew bride and plane!

3 Tier fruit, sponge & chocolate cake displayed on an S stand. Flower sprays of sugar roses, singapore orchids & delphiniums. The pilot & cabin crew couple are sliding down the stand to their waiting plane.

If you meet at a fancy dress beach party....!

Gold & ivory sugar roses.

3 Tier fruit. Stunningly simple design giving an elegant modern feel . Based on a design by Peggy Porschens

3 Tier stacked sponge with sugar roses, glass beads & scattered petals.

3 Tier cake with 2 fruit & dummy base tier. A romantic cake blocked with Old Dutch roses

A cake to celebrate the 1st anniversary of Central Surrey Health therapies

Silver celebration star cake suitable for a silver anniversary, 18th/21st or Congratulations!

Peter Pan & Tinkerbell sitting on a roof top

Large fruit cake with logo for the 70th birthday celebrations of Richmond Caledonian Society

40th birthday chocolate star with wired star & name spray

A Tardis for a Dr Who fan!

A chocolate tardis and dalek

3 Tier hexagonal chocolate cake. Separators and top decoration of fresh roses studded with crystal diamante, a very romantic cake.

Individual fondant fancies in shades of gold & silver displayed on an acrylic tower with cake toppers.

Elaborately decorated chocolate cake with chocolate cherubs, roses & fans.

Pirates of the Caribbean cake as designed by Jan Clement May in Cakes & Sugarcraft magazine

Cake designed for an I'm a Punk...Get Me Out of Here party!

Toppers for a very sparkly princess bride and groom

3 Tier fruit & sponge cake. Simple, elegant cake with candles & diamante wired ivy.

4 tier chocolate cake with white cigarillo's and sugar sweetpeas.

4 Tier modern cake with candy stripes and flowers.

3 tier sponge cake with floating glittery hearts and cake toppers.

Abundance of sugar roses, freesias and lily-of-the-valley.

Pretty in pink!

3 Tier fruit & chocolate cake with an abundance of sugar flower sprays.

Cutie butterfly!

Based on childrens character Maisy

Indulgent chcolate cake with white chocolate cigarillo's. Decorated with Betty Boop cartoon character

Tower of pink fondant fancies with clay cake toppers.

Large seated cake toppers made from Atrista clay.

Martyns beloved Aston Martin!

Rich, indulgent chocolate cake decorated with sugar roses

Sponge cake for twins christening

Cupcake tower decorated with butterflies

Detail of butterfly designs on cupcakes

Single tier fruit cake decorated with an abudence of sugar flowers.

Chocolate & sponge star with wired spray

Square fruit christening cake with booties and little feet detail. This was made from the top tier of Helen 1 wedding cake (contemporary gallery).

Fairy themed first birthday cake

Lemon cake with peach sugar flowers

3 Tier chocolate cake with white chocolate dominos, decorated with fresh orchids

2 Tier hexagonal light fruitcake with sugar roses and foliage

2 Tier fruit cake stacked with Akito roses, gypsophyla and eucalyt

3 Tier fruit, chocolate and lemon cake stacked with Marrousia roses

Chocolate and lemon cake with a sugar stunt cyclist

Stunt cyclist

Retro chocolate radio with sugar photocopy for a budding radio star

Sugar roses, ivy and eucalyptus with pearl beargrass detail

Sugar roses, freesias and lily-of-the-valley

Vanilla & chocolate cupcake tower with top cutting cake

Lemon christening parcel

Sponge christening cake with font and inquisitive baby!

Wonky 3 tier fruit, chocolate and lemon cake with sugar gerberas and seated cake toppers

3 Tier chocolate and fruit cake. Cake toppers snowboarding and skiing their way to the bar and hot tub.

Chocolate Noah's Ark

Sugar gerberas

Skiing bride

Snowboarding groom!

Large toppers seated at the Top of the World

3 tier fruit & carrot cake, based on a design by Mitch Turner. Sugar flame lily and oncidium orchis with cocoa butter painting detail

Sugar flame lily and oncidium orchids.

Clay dough toppers

3 Tier chocolate & sponge cake with white chocolate cigarillos. Cake stacked with sugar rose separators, Large seated Artista Soft toppers.

3 Tier stacked fruit, lemon & carrot cake. Decorated with elegant sugar roses for a classic look.

Classic bridal ivory roses

Large seated toppers made from Artista Soft lightweight modelling dough

Sponge & chocolate cupcakes with sugar rosebuds topped with a posy of diamante studded sugar roses.

Posy of diamante studded sugar roses.

The lady just loves cruising...

2 Tier fruit & chocolate christening cake with Lily's favourite ducks and lily-of-the-valley.

For the man with many hobbies!

3 Tier chocolate & carrot cake decorated with cake jewellery & toppers.

Bride, groom & 2 children

4 tier light fruit with sweet avalance roses, leather fern & gypsophila

Large seated bride seeing what she can catch!

3 Tier fruit with delicate piped detail & single fresh rose

4 Tier fruit & chocolate offset stacked cake with bride catching her groom


4 Tier fruit cake with masses of fresh peonies.

2 Tier fruit & chocolate cake with traditional pillars. decorated with sugar cymbidium orchids, mixed foliage & butterflies

Sugar cymbidium orchid

4 tier chocolate, vanilla & lemon cake with sugar roses & large seated toppers. Perfect for a Valentines Day wedding.

Red sugar roses with diamante studs for a Valentine's Day wedding

Large seated toppers

3 Tier cake part stacked with rose carved separator. Decorated with moulded roses and toppers

4 Tier cake with acrylic separator. Finished with bow & diamante brooch, diamante studs & sugar roses.

Diamante studded sugar roses with wired diamante

Sugar lisianthus & pearl studded roses

3 Tier cake with sugar lisianthus & pearl studded roses, displayed on a step stand.

Lemon & vanilla cupcake tower with sugar daisies.

Simple yet striking 4 tier cake with flame lilies

Sugar flame lilies

Sugar roses with mother of pearl dusting and glitter

Large seated toppers

3 Tier stacked carrot, lemon & chocolate cake with sugar gerberas & large seated toppers.

3 Tier stacked suitcases in chocolate & lemon cake. Large seated toppers with their pile of luggage

Large seated toppers with their luggage, ready to travel.

Single tier chocolate cake with bride & groom on their favourite beach in their beloved campervan!

Toppers in their campervan along with the cat & the surfboard.

3 Tier stacked fruit, lemon & chocolate. Decorated with sugar roses & gerberas and large seated toppers.

Large seated toppers; both Dr's so wearing their stethoscopes.

3 Tier light fruit, coffee & lemon chiffon cake displayed on an offset stand. The top & bottom tiers are decorated with lacy filigree piping and dusted with a lustred finish. This cake is pretty as it is or suitable for fresh or sugar flowers.

Traditionally pillared 3 Tier cake with ivory & purple sugar flower sprays.

Bouquet of sugar roses, lisianthus & singapore orchids.

3 Tier part stacked chocolate, fruit & lemon cake. Sprays of sugar roses, freesias & sweetpeas & large seated toppers. Congratulations to Selina & Nick Hutchins who won their cake in a competition in Wedding Cakes a Design Source magazine.

Lemon yellow sugar roses with lemon & white freesias & sweetpeas.

Large seated toppers relaxing on the top tier

3 Tier stacked chocolate/orange & lemon cake. Piped side design detail dusted red on the middle tier to mirror the red edging on the brides dress.

Bride & groom in ivory and red to co-ordinate with the cake detail.

Christening cake incorporating the top tier of Sophie's wedding cake (traditional gallery) and a bottom chocolate tier. Decorated with little baby feet, hearts & daisies.

3 Tier fruit, lemon & chocolate stacked with fresh peonies.

6 Tier carrot, fruit, light fruit, lemon, coffee & vanilla cake. Double height tiers with a cascade of sugar roses, lisianthus & sweetpeas. Finished with silk butterflies this is a beautifully opulent cake.

Sugar roses, lisianthus & sweetpeas cascading down the cake.

4 tier fruit, lemon & dummy cake with elaborate piped and moulded detail, topped with sugar roses

8 Tier tower of individual mini meringues with large sharing meringue as topper. Stand decorated with fresh freesias.

4 Tier fruit & sponge cake traditionally pillared and finished with sprays of moth orchids.

Moth orchids with beargrass and pearl detail.

7 Tier tower of buttercream frosted cupcakes in vanilla, lemon & chocolate orange, each topped with a sugar calla liliy. Top cake with large seated toppers & pet dog!

Large seated toppers with their pet dog.

3 Tier stacked fruit with piped candy striped design & full cascade of sugar roses.

Tightly packed cascade of sugar roses

3 tier fruit & chocolate cake covered in chocolate & decorated with fresh cherries.

2 Tier rich chocolate cake covered in glossy chocolate ganache . Decorated with deep red sugar roses.

3 Tier fruit, lemon & chocolate with sugar lilies & ruscus.

White sugar lilies & dark soft ruscus

Stunning 6, double height, tier cake bejewelled and elaborately piped with bespoke toppers. The cake stood at over 30" and was a very impessive centrepiece in the Great Hall at Hampton Court Palace.

Cute toppers

7 Tier tower of vanilla cupcakes plus top cake, decorated with sugar hydrangea.

Impressive 6 tier chocolate, vanilla & lemon cake with white cigarillo's. Finished with a full cascade of sugar calla lilies, roses & foliage.

White sugar roses with red dusted edges, white calla lilies & mixed foliage.

3 Tier chocolate, fruit & lemon cake displayed on an s-shaped stand. Dark red sugar gerbera & dark red abstract ribbon pattern give a modern look to a traditional cake.

Dark red sugar gerbera.

3 Tier carrot, vanilla & marble cake stacked with avalanche roses, freesias, lisianthus & greenery. A beautiful romantic cake that compliments both formal and more country style receptions.

Very cute 3 tier chocolate & vanilla christening cake with african animals. Original design by Sweet art Cakes

A 70th birthday cake for a keen walker. Topper complete with camera, map & compass.

Acrylic tower of individual square chocolate cakes, each with a sugar rosebud & ivy spray.

Cupcakes (supplied by bride) in wrappers displayed on acrylic tower. The top cake by Cakes & Drapes is a chocolate orange mountain, the skiing toppers sat just below.

Skiing toppers made from Artisista Soft modelling dough

3 Tier fruit & sponge cake displayed on an offset stand. Upstanding lace edge detail & the flower sprays are red and white roses, hypericum berries and ruscus.

Red & white roses, hypericum berries, ruscus & diamonte.

3 Tier part stacked chocolate & light fruit cake with sugar flower sprays and large seated toppers.

Large seated toppers

Sugar ivory roses, green hypericum berries & gelder rose.

Flower tower using silk flowers in shades of purple

3 Tier cake covered in rolled chocolate. Decorated with abstact ribbon and sugar gerberas for a simple yet striking effect.

3 Tier ivory cake with pearl dragees and cornelli piped design. Finished with ivory sugar roses and bespoke toppers.

Cute topper in ivory and pearl finish to co-ordinate with traditional pillared cake.

Hot pink suager roses decorated modern cupcakes. Top cake finished with a sugar rose dome and co-ordinating ribbon with diamante .

Hot pink sugar rose dome with added bling!

A drummer!

Spooky spider sit on top of a tower of halloween cupcakes

A football cake for a blues fan!

Small calla lilies in contrasting colours

A winter themed wedding cake with snowflakes and toppers

Wrapped up warm for a winter wedding

Tower of vanilla, lemon & chocolate cupcakes with toppers for dad and daughters birthday.

Dad's 80th & daughter's 50th with their beloved dogs.

Vanilla, lemon & chocolate cupcakes

Chocolate cake with sugar mask for Masquerade ball.

This couple chose to recreate their first date at County Hall Hotel, London!

Single tier fruit cake with sugar rose dome

Pink sugar roses with diamante centres and sparkle

Chocolate & vanilla cupcakes with roses, initials and petal decoration. Top fruit cake with rose dome.

Individual chocolate, vanilla & lemon cakes wrapped in chocolate with decorative cocoa butter patterns; topped with soft fruits.

Close detail of cocoa butter transfers. Hundreds of designs are available and they work well on dark, milk & white chocolate.

Golden Wedding Anniversay cake with a sugar photo frame and edible image.

Chocolate mud cake and gluten free sponge decorated with coloured sugar pearls and flowers

A lucky irish leprechaun with his crock of gold for an Irish wedding

A happy irish leprechaun!

Sponge cake decorated with a sugar rose spray & piped inscription

Pale pink & yellow rose spray

3 Tier part stacked part pillared chocolate & fruit cake with sugar flowers, large seated toppers & 2 cats!

Soft lilac & white sugar roses with lavender, rosemary & ivy

Large seated toppers

2 pet cats hiding in the flowers

deep red sugar roses with wired diamante

Designed for Squires Sugarcraft Exhibition 2010. This 4 tier soft pink cake has moulded and piped detailing.

Designed for Squires Sugarcraft Exhibiton 2010. this popular 3 tier part stacked part pillared cake has sugar roses and daisies and large seated toppers.

Sugar roses, lily-of-the-valley, daisies, green hypericum and guelder rose.

Large seated toppers

3 tier cake depicting the wedding day as the bride arrives with her father and the groom waits nervously in the church. Designed for Squires exhibition 2010

Bride & father arriving at the church with a sugar car parked behind.

Bridesmaids, flower girls and pageboy waiting for the arrival of the bride

The groom meets the vicar and the best man checks the rings!

Designed for Squires Sugarcraft Exhibition this 4 tier cake is influenced by the many beautiful wedding dresses that have lace corsets, diamante sashed waists and frilled skirts.

!3th birthday cake for a hippy party! The girls and their pet dogs

A flower power campervan

Pink & yellow sugar roses & gerbera.

Masqerade cake for a 40th birthday

3 tier fruit, chocolate & vanilla cake decorated with sugar butterflies. Toppers made from Artista Soft modelling dough

The happy couple & Sadie the dog. Toppers made from Artista Soft modelling dough

Monochrome cupcake tower with top cake

Sugar toppers with monochrome dress & waistcoat detail

Detail of the back of toppers

3 Tier twisted stack of lemon and chocolate cakes. Sugar flowers and large seated toppers

Sugar roses, hydrangea, lisianthus & anenomies

Large seated sugar toppers

4 tier fruit, carrot, chocolate & vanilla with sugar roses, calla lilies & singapore orchids

Individual chocolate & carrot cakes with abstract ribbon & gerbera. Displayed on a bespoke chocolate stand.

chcolate & sugar gerbera

Sugar roses, calla lilies & singapore orchids

3 tier chocolate & vanilla cake with white chocolate cigarillo's & sugar flowers

Sugar roses & delphiniums

And baby makes three!

2 Tier chocolate & lemon christening cake with sugar sailing boats

2 Tier fruit cake with scattered sugar flowers

Sugar roses, gerbera, freesia and alchimilla

3 Tier stacked fruit & vanilla cake with a full cascade of diamante studded sugar roses.

Diamante studded sugar roses

Tower of brightly coloured fondant fancies in vanilla, chocolate & lemon

Traditional yet slightly less formal bride & groom

4 Tier fruit, vanilla & chocolate cake with piped hearts & sugar roses

Large sugar roses

3 Tier fruit * lemon cake with a bespoke tartan covered stand. The flowers are sugar roses, calla lilies and sea holly and the sugar toppers add a personal twist to an otherwise traditional cake.

Sugar rose, calla lily & sea holly with eucalyptus.

Is he a true Scot?!


2 Tier fruit cake with an abundance of sugar flowers

Roses, lily-of-the-valley, freesias & ivy.

A very large sponge cake for a joint 80th birthday celebration; co-ordination pink and white sugar roses

Sugar roses & eucalyptus with dried gysophilia

40th birthday cake for a lady who loves girlie things but only has boys to share them with!

Betty Boop inspired cake

Fruit cake for a christening with baby booties, blossoms & butterflies

Sugar booties covered in blossoms

Artista soft toppers

70th/71st birthday cake for a couple who love to take tea in the garden

Sugar toppers for a couple who had a romantic, low key beach wedding and a party back home to celebrate!

Funky 50th birthday chocolate cake

5 Tier cake with piped dot detailing. Sugar rose separator

Sugar rose separator

3 Tier chocolate & coffee cake with diamante banding. Photo by Apple Photography

4 Tier extra deep fruit, chocolate mud & lemon cake with full cascade of sugar roses.

Peach sugar roses

3 Tier suitcase cake with large seated toppers

4 Tier chocolate cake with white & orange chocolate blossoms

Doing it without flowers

Contemporary I Do cake with co-ordinating mini & cupcakes

Small 3 tier cake for an intimate wedding

3 Tier chocolate & chocolate orange cake with sugar gerbera and cake jewellery

Autumnal flower spray of roses, hypericum berries and rosehips

Sugar gerbera, calla lily, rose and singapore orchid

Large seated toppers

Tower of mini cakes with piped detail and sugar blossoms

Fun loving bride dances for her groom

Fruit, chocolate and carrot suitcase stack with a fireman and his bride.

A happy fireman and his blushing bride

Designed for Squires 25th Annual Sugarcraft Exhibition

Designed for Squires 25th Annual Sugarcraft Exhibition

Designed for Squires 25th Annual Sugarcraft Exhibition

Chocolate, vanilla & fruitcake with an intimate table for two

Twisted stack with sugar flowers and large seated toppers

A bright, cheerful ladybird!

Single large sugar rose

Sugar orchids

Top cake for a cupcake tower; the happy couple in their Mazda

Bride & groom at their favourite restaurant; an intimate meal for two

Large seated toppers

£ tier cake with extra deep tiers for added impact. Piped pearls and sugar rose dome

Eye-catching bright contemporary cake incorporating sugar flowers, acrylic separator and bespoke toppers.

Bespoke toppers

A cupcake bouquet for Mother's Day

A carrot cake shoebox with sugar shoes for a couple who are career shoe buyers

A pretty, girlie christening cake

For a young lady about to compete in her first triathlon ... good luck!

An elegant cake with silk effect drapes and sugar roses

Deep red sugar roses

£ teir lemon cake with sugar grand prix roses

Sugar grand prix roses

3 tier fruit, vanilla & chocolate with and abundance of sugar flowers

A beautiful single tier wedding cake, small but special.

Sugar roses, lisianthus, freesia and lily-of-the-valley

3 Tier wonky cake with farmyard choas for a pig farmer and his family

Bride & groom with their pigs and dogs!

My very popular seated toppers this time with red detailing

Aston Martin DB4

3 Tier chocolate, vanilla & banan cake with piped candy stripes and diamante studded sugar roses.

Diamante studded sugar roses.

3 Tier fruit & vanila with sugar roses, ferns and bespoke toppers.

Bride with a lovely lace covered dress

Shoe box with an elegant sugar stiletto.

Small 2 tier vanilla cake with piped detailing and sugar roses

Soft peachy cream sugar roses

Every girl needs a handbag!

An elegant 4 tier fruit, chocolate and vanilla cake with diamante banding and wired crystals

Large Fiat 500 with 2 pet cats!

Caught designing her 50th birthday tattoo on a camping trip!

3 Tier fruit, chocolate and carrot cake with sugar flowers and bespoke toppers

Sugar roses

Bride, groom and pet dog

A springtime flower taower with beautiful silk flowers

3 Tier fruit, chocolare & carrot cake with autumnal sugar flowers and large seated toppers

Large seated toppers

Autumnal sugar roses and hypericum berries

Extra deep tiers in this 3 tier vanilla, choclate and lemon cake make it as tall as a 4 tier. Topped with a dome of sugar roses, hydrangea and stocks

Sugar roses, hydrangea & stocks

An indian bride and scandinavian groom

3 tier stack with silk flowers

A colour sergeant and his bride

A large handbag

3 Tier vanilla, chocolate & fruit cake with sugar roses and a knife spray.

A fun 3 tier vanilla, choclate & carrot cake including all the family who were emigrating to USA after the wedding!

Artista soft toppers

Pretty bridesmaid & pageboy

2 cheeky pageboys

Our favourite wizard!

3 Tier chocolate mud cake with diamante, piped pearls and sugar roses

Diamante studded sugar roses

3 Tier chcoclate mud and lemon cake with sugar roses,calla lilies and singapore orchids.

A great fun suitcase stack with a Vegas theme!

Chocolate & vanilla cake simply adorned with sugar butterflies

A lemon cake for a tea, sudoku and crochet loving lady.

Vanilla snowflake cupcakes

Snow family toppers ... the baby was born with a mohican!

5 Tier winter wonderland cake with a full cascade of hand cut sugar snowflakes.

He may be a serious musician now but everyone's favourite little engine was his first love!

Nautical cupcakes for a young lady who loves the Swallows and Amazons

3 Tier fruit. A good mix of traditional cake and personal quirky this cake included sugar roses and a slightly confused fireman groom!

Sugar roses with blue diamanté studs

Bride peering over the edge of the cake to see her fireman groom

Hummm, the fireman's ladder is a bit short!

4 Tier cake with sugar sashes and pearl & silver sugar ball brooches.

Deep 3 tier shaped cake with sugar toppers

Intimate reception for 2!


Fuschia pink sugar roses

Sugar roses with wired bead detailing

Lovely romantic couple


4 Tier cake with sugar lily-of-the-valley & stencilled detail

Delicate stencilled lily-of-the-valley

Elegant beaded 3 tier cake with sugar roses

Made in a day during the live wedding cake decoration at Squires Kitchen exhibition 2012; the theme was vintage so lace and pearls it was!

4 Tier light fruit, rich fruit and chocolate cake. With black piped detail inspired by their invitations the cake only needed a single red rose and the brides bouquet to add a splash of dramatic colour.

3 Tier chocolate mud & Baileys cake with white chocolate cigarillo's. Decorated with silk flowers.

NOT SUGAR FLOWERS. These good quality silk flowers made beautiful spring arrangements.

3 Tier fruit cake inspired by a Peggy Porschen design. Decorated with sugar roses ad eucalyptus.

3 Tier fruit, vanilla & chocolate mud cake for skiing enthusiasts.

3 Tier fruit, vanilla & chocolate mud cake for skiing enthusiasts.

A happy skiing bride

Apre ski!

A baby changing bag for a baby shower.

Shark attack!

A 60th cake for a guitar player

Suitcase stack with tropical toppers

Wedded bliss! The ultimate in relaxation for her, off to snorkel for him

Twisted stack of fruit & chocolate cake with toppers and sugar flowers

The happy couple

Sugar roses and freesia

Chocolate mud cake with stars and toppers

A3 size vanilla sponge with a Rennie Mackintosh inspired lady made from sugar

Sugar rose dome

3 Tier lemon and chocolate cake which was displayed over a Wilton water fountain at the venue (picture available on request)

Hunting groom and photographer bride with their dog

Bride, gromm, 2 cats and a rabbit!

Very happy toppers!

Heart shaped cakes are not used often enough, pretty and romantic.

Pretty in pink

Small but perfectly formed, ideal for an intimate wedding.

A fun cake with Love Hearts and bespoke toppers

Very full, unwired sugar roses

Ready to be carried over the threshold!

Very individual toppers

Blak & white sugar ribbon, bow and tails with personalised toppers

DJ groom sat on his peaker watching his bride dodge some Kiwi's ... and yes she did wear bright pink stilettos!

3 tier part stacked chocolate cake with an acrylic separator.

The happy couple

Sugar roses and Singapore orchids

4 Tier chocolate cake with piped & moulded decoration

Cadbury flake cake, a chocolate cake with a difference! 3 tier vanilla, chocolate orange and chcolate refridgerator cake with sugar flowers and toppers

Sugar peonies and sweet peas

A more relaxed groom!

He did get married in formal wear but his bride knew how he'd prefer to be!

4 tier chocolate and lemon in soft pink with piped and moulded detailing.

Peach icing and sugar roses, inspired by a design by Suzelle Cakes

Soft peach sugar roses

Part stacked part pillared fruit and chocolate cake with navy accents

A Nottingham Forest fan!

Sugar roses, anemones and cornflowers

As individual as you are! Keen marathon runners starting life together

Married and ready to go!

Sugar ruffles and pearls, rich chocolate mud cake .... yum!

A single sugar rose with pearl centre

I couldn't resist posting this detail picture!

3 Tier suitcase cake with large seated toppers and a sugar gondola

The happy couple

Traditional pillared 3 tier fruit cake with sugar flowers and toppers

The happy couple!

Old English sheepdog puppy sitting on the base board!

3 tier vanilla, chocolate & lemon cake with a cricket theme.

Sitting on a sugar bench supposingly watching the cricket, but really only eyes for each other!

Bright and fun!

Vanilla, lemon & carrot cupcakes with assorted decoration

So pretty in pink

Sugar roses & sea holly

Chocolate mud and Baileys cake with sugar roses and sea holly

2 respiratory Dr's; hence the stethoscopes, books and x-ray!

Sugar gerbera, rose and calla lilies

Cadbury flake cake with sugar gerbera, roses & calla lilies

On trend ombre cake with sugar roses

4 Tier cake with cornelli piping and diamante brooch

Sugar rose and eucalypus

Not a wedding topper but rather cute I thought! A polo player and her pony

A polo player on her pony

Small winter wedding cake with snowflakes and shimmer

Noah's Ark cake for the top of a cupcake tower

Artista Soft toppers

Wrapped up warm for a winter wedding

Wintery co-ordinating cupcake

3 tier pillared fruitcake with red & white sugar flowers and bespoke toppers.

Sugar roses, tulips & lisianthus

An offiver groom and his patriotic bride ... just loved her shoes!

Art Deco is this season's popular wedding theme

Large chocolate grooms cake with sugar monkey & giraffe

I had to add this picture as I just love the traditonal flowers and bespoke toppers together!

Happy bride and her Marine

Full attire for the bride & groom

On trend ombre & frills. Please note this is a 2 tier cake with adummy extension - butterflies can only be inserted into the dummy cone

Sugar roses, tulips & lisianthus

Lovely combination of vintage pearls and lace on a contemporary cake

2 Tier lemon & Bailey's cake with sugar roses & sea holly

Diamante studded sugar roses & sea holly

A small 2 tier cake can still look impressive on a large silver base stand as long as the board fits the stand. Co-ordinating petals finish the design.

Ready for a pizza and cocktail party!

Hawain shirt, Martini in hand and pizza ... it's time to party!

3 Tier twisted stack with sugar orchids, gerbera & narcissus.

Unfussy birthday & anniversary cake

Sugar orchid, gerbera & narcissus.

A princess cake

Pretty mermaid

3 Tier fruit, chocolate and vanilla with stencil and piped detail

Sugar roses & forget-me-nots

Drummer boy

A chocolate paste covered roller skate

A baby shower cake

Everyones favourite superhero!

A family group to stand at the top of a Christening cupcake tower

Tiller girls for a 100 year old ex Tiller girl!

This seasons popular twisted stack with sugar flowers and cute toppers

Sugar rose, cala lily & gerbera

My favourite toppers!

Pretty but different, a 3 tier tilted Baileys, chocolate and date & ginger cake with sugar flowers

Sugar peonies, roses, hydrangea & hypericum

Sugar flowers separating tilted tiers

Part stacked part pillared fruit and sponge cake with ivory & blue sugar flowers & toppers. The Canadian maple leaves were for the groom.

Sugar roses, cornflower & delphinium with maple leaves for the Canadian groom.

Seated toppers and Jasper the dog

Twisted stack with personalised toppers and hobby references

Two actor. A tea drinking bride who is wearing Roberta's red petticoat from The Railway Children and a basketball playing groom wearing his Malvolio yelloe stockings!

Romantic 4 tier inspired by Peggy Porschen with sugar peonies & ranunculus.

Sugar ranunculus

Sugar peony

Mixed sugar flowers

3 Tier fruit, chocolate orange and lemon with sugar roses and pearls

Sugar roses with pearl centres

Designed for Squires Kitchen Exhibition 2012

Pretty yellow sugar roses

Very large seated toppers


3 Tier vanilla, chocolate & Baileys sponge with sugar roses

4 Tier lemon and vanilla with sugar roses and piped detail

Sugar roses

3 Tier (extra deep) carrot, chocolate & Bailey's with sugar lace.

Cute elephant toppers

Citroen 2CV

Ivory sugar roses

4 tier fruit, chocolate, lemon & vanilla cake with sugar flowers and piped detailing

... a special cake as it was for one of my previous wedding couples baby's 1st birthday

3 tier with sugar rose, cornflowers and delphinium

Sugar roses, cornflower & delphinium with maple leaves for the Canadian groom.

3 Tier fruit, vanilla & chocolate twisted stack

Sugar roses, lisianthus & freesia

And dog makes 3!

Living the dream, married and champions!

Wimbledon Ladies CChampion 2014?

Cup winner 2014?

Single tier fruit with lacy design and sugar flowers

Sugar rose, lisianthis & freesia

3 Tier twisted stack with lace and Swarovski crystal

3 Tier Baileys cake with diamante & toppers

5 Tier lemon, choclate & fruit ake with sugar lace and sugar bow

Beautiful sugar bow and a good quality brooch to keep

Designed for the Wedding Cakes for the Future stand at the London Cake & Bake Show

Cosmic love!

Designed for the Wedding Cakes for the Future stand at the London Cake & Bake Show 2013

Sugar roses

3 tier cake with suar roses & diamante detail.

Sugar roses with soft grey centres

3 Tier lemon suitcase stack with fun toppers

Blue sugar flowers

Sugar rose, orchid and freesia

Sugar roses to match the Old Dutch roses used by the florist

Bride relaxing and reading her very own issue of OK! magazine

Groom getting ready to snorkle

Beautiful sugar cake lace

3 Tier light fruit, Baileys and date & ginger cake. Piped lace middle tier and sugar flowers

Everyones favourite car!

3 Tier vanilla and lemon with soft aqua tier. Sugar roses & hydrangea

3 Tier lemon, chocolate and vanilla with sugar roses and a good amount of bling!

A tale of 2 Geralds ... at work and at play!

2 Tier vanilla & lemon with sugar roses & side scallops

Ivory sugar roses

Ivory sugar roses

Ivory sugar roses & blue hydrangea

Single oversized ivory rose

Ivory sugar roses with added bling

4 Tier chocolate, Baileys & fruit cake. A lovely sophisticated cake

Sugar roses & hydrangea

A christmas wedding, is there anything better? A 3 tier pile of presents with toppers & baubles

Opening a very personal Harry Potter themed gift

This is actually the top tier of a wedding cake but would make a lovely celebration cake on its own!

3 Tier carrot, lemon & vanilla with sugar moth orchids, roses & toppers

Sugar moth orchids & roses

Lovers of cricket and a drink!

Sugar roses, lisianthus & carnations

3 Tier vanilla & chocolate cake with stencilled side design.

Not actually a topper but I wasn't sure which gallery to post him in ... Spiderman putting in an appearance at the back of Carly's cake as a surprise for the groom!

Designed for Squires Kitchen Exhibition 2014

3 Tier buttercream finished cake with sugar flowers

Sugar roses & lisianthus

Designed for Squires Kitchen Exhibition 2014

4 Tier vanilla, chocolate & fruit cake with cake lace and bespoke toppers

Designed for Squires Kitchen Exhibition 2014

3 Tier chocolate orange & Baileys with sugar flowers and drizzled chocolate.

3 Tier fruit, coffee & Baileys cake with sugar flowers and bespoke toppers.

Sugar roses, lisianthus & freesia

Sugar roses & lisianthus

Sugar moth orchids

Sugar roses, tulips and berries

Bespoke toppers, bride wearing a lovely lace wedding dress and bolero

Cute couple

Diamante & toppers

Buttercream and fresh fruit 4 tier cake; carrot, chocolate oarange, chocolate mud and date & ginger

Karate dad with his sons and cats

Stiletto shoe, a flower and a tennis ball for a 40th birthday

Gluten free campervan

Football mad

and a little one makes 3!

The whole family

Naked vanilla sponge with vanilla buttercream & jam and white chocolate ganache fillings

Brother and sister cake with their favourite characters

3 tier twisted stack with sugar dasies, alstromeria & toppers

3 tier vanilla, chocolate & egg free coffee with diamante & toppers

2 tier heart, light fruit & vanilla, with sugar roses

3 tier red velvet, Baileys & vanilla with bespoke toppers

5 tier vanilla, chocolate & fruit with cascade of sugar roses

Ballroom dancing

The happy couple

Sugar roses

Sugar roses with coloured diamante studs

Bride, groom, baby and light aircraft!

Birdcage cake with silk flowers. Fruit & Baileys